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Series WS85 linear weighers are the ideal solution for weighing a wide variety of products such as short dry and fresh pasta, biscuits, candies, dried fruit, snacks, coffee, frozen products, small metal and plastic items, etc., having a range of weight that goes from 20 to 2000 g.


They also guarantee accurate precision and an output up to 15 weighing operations/minute for each head. The structure is made up of anodized aluminium profiles and the parts that come into contact with the product are in AISI 304 stainless steel. Its complete modularity allows easy combinations of more than one weighing head (max 4).


They are ideally combined with vertical and inclined ffs machines: they can also be used for feeding THERMO FORMING or TINNING UNITS or for filling prefabricated bags, jars, boxes, etc. (S/AWS85 version).

MPWS85-1B and AWS85-1B (1 tray)

MPWS85-2B and AWS85-2B (2 trays)

MPWS85-3B (3 trays)

MPWS85-4B (4 trays)

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