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Maintenance services and assistance

As long experience in the bagging, weighing and palletizing fields, BagAutomation can provide maintenance services and assistance for any kind of equipment in the packaging area.

As we have many agreements with other Italian bagging and packaging manufacturers, our service team is able to provide a very skilled and fully proven service able to solve all the mechanical, electrical, software and functional problems. 

We provide:


1) Emergency maintenance services (response time within same day)

2) Ordinary and scheduled maintenance services

Remote control

BagAutomation uses the lastest technologies to communicate with customer:
Internet, Intranet, Ethernet, permits to connect from BagAutomation after sales office directly to the machines installed into the customer plant to control the data, uploading  new software revision, diagnostic, trouble shooting or for simple configuration checks.

Assistance on call

Our service team can be reached on the phone.


Contact US

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