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“State of the art” electronic controller, have achieved great achievements when high speed and high accuracy is required. The unit is equipped with the latest technology for net and gross scales,  checkweighers, batching systems, capacity flow regulators, force meausurements, loss in weight systems. A color touch-panel in combination with a very accurate 24 bit ADC converter together with special FIR autoadapting filters, ensure high accuracy with high speed. Ethernet port is available for remote control and data transmission, ad well as the Profibus port for easy integration with existing PLC’s. OIML R51 and R61 and MID certifications available.

Main benefits:

  1. Very user-friendly

  2. TFT Colour touch screen

  3. Ethernet port for data collection and remote control

  4. Integrated remote control for troubleshooting via Internet

  5. Complete self-diagnostic for all the electronics components and visualisation of thefault for easy maintenance

  6. Very accurate because of high-speed 24bit A/D converter

  7. Weight very stable because of the use of patented algorythm

  8. Integrated low noise filter to eliminate mechanical vibrations

  9. Self zero function

  10. Self correction function to get very precise average weight in huge lot productions

  11. All in one card

  12. OIML R61 and R51 weight & measures certified

  13. Huge capacity of 200 different recipes stored inside the unit on flash eprom

  14. Up to 6 languages available already inside the unit (selectable by the operator onthe touch screen): Italian, English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French.

  15. Weight graph during dosing for easy troubleshooting of the weight signal comingfrom load cells

  16. Graphical representation of the Gauss curve (normal weight distribution)

  17. Very detailed statistical report with visualisation of the following data: lot average,total weight produced, total cycles, standard deviation, cycle time, waiting time,production rate, etc…

  18. Different softwares available: dosing, checkweigher, batch dosing, flow capacitymeasurement, flow capacity control, pieces counter

  19. Weigher maintenance program

  20. Alarm record with date and time in and out

  21. USB port for software upgrades and data collection



"State of the art" weighing controller for high performance applications.
Recommended for best accuracy on:
- dosing systems
- check weighers
- force transducers
- batching systems
- flow regulators
- bagging systems

Technical Data

- Power Supply: 24Vdc, 0,5A, 12W
- Digital Inputs: N° 8 x 24Vdc PNP, galvanically insulated.
- Digital Outputs: N° 6 x 24Vdc PNP, galvanically insulated – max 2 A
- Relay Outputs: N° 4 – max 3A at 30Vdc or 1A at 220Vac
- Load cell Inputs: N° 2 separate channels, with a maximum of 2 load cells on each channel. 24 bit, A/D converter.
- IEEE485 Serial Ports: N° 2 galvanically insulated ports in compliance with RS-
232, RS-485, RS-422 standards.
- Internet connection: For troubleshooting, via ethernet port integrated.
- Communication: Profibus DP (optional)
- Ethernet port: On board
- Operating Temperature: Between –10°C and +40°C.
- Storage Temperature: Between –40°C and +85°C.
- Metric Approval: MID and OIML R61 metric type-approvals.


Internet remote control for troubleshooting

This feature is included and give to the customer the remote access connection to the WEITRONIK5 control panel for troubleshooting and general aid at the working needs.

The benefits of this solution are:


  • Remote access from weighing experts.

  • Immediate research of faults and general troubleshooting.

  • Operator aid to normal working procedures (like recipe settings, alarmrecognition, etc…)

  • Access from Internet via SSL encryption protected connection

  • 3 level passwords to the equipment for prevention of unauthorized users

  • Only one simple Ethernet cable need and Internet connection must be grantedfrom customer

  • NO TELEPHONE LINE is required, so NO unwanted added costs !!!

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