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Why choose us?

We at YU RESOURCES ENTERPRISE (YRE) are a Fast Growing Company in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia & Vietnam Regions providing Specialized Products/Equipments for Manufacturing/Processing Sectors and because We have a Strong after Sales Technical Servicing Team to help Provide Solutions , Intregrate Solutions for Upgrading Processing Line or Production Line Improving Reliability, Accuracy or with Installation of Optionals for New Formats which will be giving the Real Cost Saving Solutions in order to continue to use Existing Equipments in case of Low Budgets. As We are the Sole Agent for Brands :- BAG AUTOMATION and CAMPAGNOLO from ITALY. 


We have many Ranges of Products to cater your needs from Bagging Automation System :- Dosing Weighers, Check Weighers, Electronic Weighers,  Innovative Controller for High Speed and High Precision Scales, Semiautomatic Bagging Machines for " Open Mouth Bags " Special upgrades on Automatic Bagging Machines for any type of Bag, Big Bag Filling Machine, Fully AutoPacker ITALY ( which can replaced Carton Boxes with PE Films ),Official FUJI ROBOT PALLETIZER ( Japan ) Intergrator, Control and Data Management , Also Available in All Ranges of Packaging Machine for CAMPAGNOLO, ITALY (Any Query for BAG AUTOMATION and CAMPAGNOLO Spare Parts are Most Welcome), Lubricated, Dry or Screw Type Vacuum Pumps (Europe, Korea, Taiwan), Radial/ Side Channel Blowers (Europe, Tawain, China), Roots Blowers (Europe, Taiwan)  Centralize Hospital Vacuum  Pump Systems, Fans with Electric Motors, Air Motors, Ex-Proof Motors (also we can tailored to specification required), Electric Motors (Ranging from 0.18 KW up to 75 KW), IEC Squirrel-Cage Motors, Marelli Ex-Proof Motors, Gear Motors, Variators, Oil and Gas Equipments, Spill Control Product Line, Safety Products (3M Products, Kimberley Clarks Products and Etc) , XPS Extruded Board (Hard Type Extruded Polystyrene Thermal Insulating Product), EPS GEOFOAM Blocks,  We can also provide Scheduled Equipments Maintenance Services from our Experience Technical Servicing Teams if Required by our Esteemed Customers together with Equipments Spare Parts.


Our Company Philosophy, Corporate Strategies and Vision : -

*** Developing a Customer Focused Organisation.

*** Establishing a Positive and Reliable Bond of Trust with our Esteemed Customers.

*** Acheiving to fully understand Customers.

*** Constructing a Supportive Internal Organisation.

*** Developing an effective Network of Worldwide Suppliers to complement the Current and Future needs of our Esteemed Customers.


Please do not hesitate to contact us anytime for any Enquires or Informations required as We are very Happy to be of Service for your Esteemed Management needs.


We at YU RESOURCES ENTERPRISE (YRE) only request our ESTEEMED PROSPECTIVE CUSTOMER initial 1% of Trust in us and the Rest 99% will be through our Years of Genuine Sincerity for a Longterm Business Relationship Established as there's a saying Easy to Strike a First Deal but Building up a Longterm Business Relationship especially to Gaining Customers Trust in us is not an Easy Task and We at YU RESOURCES ENTERPRISE (YRE)  are very confident to achieving  this GOAL.

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