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Briefly, the electropneumatic-operation electronic weigher , availablewith 1, 2 or 3 HEADS, is made of one product feed system on vibrating trays (1, 2 or 4 per HEAD following the version) and by a weighing unit with load-cell.


It can unload the weighed product on bags, boxes, tins, packaging machines, etc..The parts which are in contact with the product are made of STAINLESS STEEL



it is suitable to weigh small, middle and big granular products (i.e.: ground coffee and coffee beans, biscuits, sweets, snacks, chips, dried fruits, short pasta, small objects in metal or plastic, etc.).


Weighing range :

from 20 up to 2000 grs.; considering the specific weight of each product in relation to the max useful volume of the weighing basket.


Production speed :

max 15 weighing/min.; speed changes according with the product weight and in case of man operation, depend by quickness operator.Speed can be increased using more WEIGHING HEADS.


Power consumption :

about 0,5 Kw per HEAD.


Pneumatic consumption :

about 25 Lt./min. with 6 bar, per HEAD0,5 Kw per HEAD.


Lay-out dimentions:

without the elevator 1050 x 1500 x h 2100 mm.with the elevator 1050 x 4800 x h 2400 mm.

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