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Fuji ACE Model:
EC-61 HS (Load Capacity: 70Kg.-150lbs)
EC-61 HD (Load Capacity:160Kg.-350lbs)


Technical Data


Degree of freedom: 4 axis
Z axis (vertical): 2300mm-90.5"
R axis (longitudinal): 1500mm-59"
Theta axis (rotation): 330°(360° option available)
Alpha axis (wrist): 330°

The EC-61 is the most efficient Robotic Palletizer in its class utilizing only 2.3 kva.


Given the cycle rate to power ratio this robot provides the most economical solution while meeting moderate production requirements. Offering two EC-61  models Fuji provides a solution for High Speed (HS) and/or Heavy Weight (HD) applications.

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