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Fuji ACE Model:
EC-201 HS (Load Capacity: 70Kg.-150lbs)
EC-201 HD (Load Capacity:200Kg.-430lbs)
EC-201 W (Load Capacity:320Kg.-700lbs)




Technical Data

Degree of freedom: 4 axis
Z axis (vertical): 2300mm-90.5"
R axis (longitudinal): 1500mm-59"
Theta axis (rotation): 330°(360° option available)
Alpha axis (wrist): 330°



Through many years of research and development, the EC-201 robot is one of the most technologically advanced robotic palletizers on the market today. 

With three EC-201 models to choose from, Fuji offers a solution for High Speed (HS) , Heavy Weight (HD) and/or Super Heavy Weight (W) applications.

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