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The CW series weighers have been conceived to operate in combination with vertical, inclined, form fill seal machines, ecc. .


The main advantages they offer are:

Ø Controlled completely by a microprocessor for easy programming and running

Ø High precision united with high productivity

Ø A "touch screen" for easy and quick data entry

Ø Strong, top quality construction

Ø Easy and quick changing from one product to another

Ø No sub-weighing

Ø Machine self-diagnosis system

Ø Quick and easy access to all parts for cleaning and maintenance


The CW series is equipped with a stepping motor system for selecting the exact opening profile of the bucket, consequently increasing speed with a low noise output.


The product that is to be weighed is fed by a central vibrator towards the radial feeders then up to the top buckets that unload into the weighing buckets (the lower ones).


The combination of the weights in some of the bottom buckets establishes the required weight.


Data input and storage are easy and fast with the touch-screen panel, which optimizes machine performance even when products of different consistency and nature are weighed.


The CW electronic weigher with combined operations is the ideal solution for weighing a wide variety of products, having a range of weight that goes from 15 to 1000 g and production level up to 150 weighing operations/min.


All parts that come into contact with the product are in AISI 304.

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