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Auto Bagging Machine
Bundle Making Machine
"One Stop Solution Company with Efficient, Reliable, Fast Response and Good Quality Products Supplied at a Very Reasonable Price. Especially their latest Weighing Accuracy System"
------ Joseph Lee 2018
"Superb Team, Superb Experience."
------ Jamil 2018
"Fast Turnaround, got my quote within 24 hours after I inquire." 
-------- Ahmad Zakhri 2019


• Dosing weighers. 


• Check weighers 


• Electronic weigher. 


• Innovative controller for high speed and high precision scales. 


• Semiautomatic bagging machines for “open mouth bags”. 


• Revamping of automatic bagging machines for any type of bag. 


• Big bag filling machine 


• Official Fuji Robot palletizer integrator. 


• Control and data management. 


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